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(last update: October 2020)

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Software Engineer @ Qualio

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I'm an interdisciplinary professional with a deep and diverse set of skills and experiences. I build products, teams and ventures. I could also do your bookkeeping, reskin your djembe, DJ your wedding or make you a killer pad thai. Whatever it takes, Lets roll our sleeves up and do the work 💪

I've worked within Law, Healthcare, FinTech, Insurance, Construction and more. My formal education was in Mathematics and Computer Science, however my self-study includes many other disciplines. I am intensely curious and acutely aware of just how little I know. Lets grow together 🌱

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Early on in the pandemic, I helped by producing and assembling hundreds of face shields for social workers in Hamilton. I also launched, an Open Source initiative which had 47 contributors, working to analyze and improve information sharing within the grassroots PPE maker movement.



Ping is a simple alternative to live chat built for solo-entrepreneurs, startups and local businesses. It connects you to your customers via text messaging.

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Huckleberry is a UX ecosystem and real estate discovery platform. We build tools and experiences that improve the way consumers discover and interact with real estate.

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ConstructionHub is a sub-contractor bid management platform for the construction industry. I led the 5 person development team that built the MVP.

Atlas Property Group Logo

Atlas Property Group

Atlas Manages properties all over the Kitchener-Waterloo area and parts of Southern Ontario. I overhauled the company's IT infrastructure, from sales funnels and online presence to backend systems and security controls. I established process-focused digitization initiatives across all departments and performed an IT audit as part of an acquisition.

Emrys Analytics Logo

Emrys Analytics

At Emrys Analytics / EGB Insurance we provided Data Science innovations to the insurance market. Our solutions were tailored for cyber, healthcare and automotive markets. I worked on our underwriting platform, used to underwrite risk for 84 healthcare facilities in the United States. As part of my role, I also assisted in the development of cyber insurance products.

Ford Motor Company Logo


As part of my job at Emrys, we laid out the requirements to launch an autonomous vehicle insurance program at Ford. With the help and mentorship of our CEO I wrote a white paper on the challenges faced by AV manufacturers in data collection for the executive team.

Diebold Nixdorf Logo

Diebold Nixdorf

Diebold Nixdorf is a leading ATM / PoS manufacturer. My role in the architecture team was to research and build PoCs with candidate technologies – including Redis, WebRTC, Angular, HTTP/2 and Cordova. I also worked on the design of a session management and security integration middleware built on Redis pubsub.

Law Dataset Logo

Law Dataset

We provide the most comprehensive database of legal professionals in Canada. CASL compliant sales outreach enriched with exclusive information useful for lead qualification.

O2 Canada Mask

O2 Canada

With a mission to help people breathe cleaner air, O2 Canada produces the next generation of air polution masks. We designed the concept for a cryptocurrency funding and governance system for their non-profit.

Gigit Wellness Logo

Gigit Marketplace

I facilitated a Joint Venture Partnership between Gigit and ONE Concept to develop Gigit Wellness – a platform that brings together health professionals and understaffed clinics.

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MDMax App

MDMax Billing

MDMax Is a PHIPA compliant SaaS solution which simplifies the billing process for physicians across Ontario. It uses text recognition to automatically process and validate PHI on billing sheets. I was responsible for its development.

MowGo SnowGo App


MowGoSnowGo provides on-demand lawn care and snow removal services in southern Ontario. I designed and developed the app.

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3DStream Logo


3DStream is an industrial additive manufacturing (3D Printing) management solution which streamlines the workflow of commercial 3D fabrication. I advised them on tech and strategy.

Hexigent Consulting Logo

Hexigent Consulting

I performed a variety of data sanitization and statistical analysis tasks for a forensics team working on a class action lawsuit involving cyber crime.

ALR Accounting Logo

ALR Accounting

I spent 4 years as an accounting assistant at a small public practice servicing SMEs and Individuals. I also managed IT infrastructure.

DeltaFi Logo


I started Δ F I in high school as a way to combine my passion for music and technology. I built hardware synthesizers, acquired funding and promptly ran out of it. Hardware is hard.